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Stairway to Heaven

We call the steps leading up to The Box House the stairway to heaven because once you walk in the house you feel a sense of privacy, peace, and relaxation - a zen state of mind.  Los Angelenos are crazy about stairs too. They flock to them for fitness and to enjoy the beauty of our City of Angels.  Here is a list of where they flock and you should too:

Music Box: In the Oscar-winning short, The Music Box, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy wrestled a piano up this flight of 133 steps in Silver Lake. 923-925 N Vendome St

Baxter: 231 steps straight up an Echo Park slope get steeper as they ascend, but downtown views at the summit are worth it the climb. A sunset Instagram is a must. 1501 Baxter St

Beachwood Canyon: 861-step network of staircases in the community originally known as Hollywoodland.  Most of the steps are cut from granite. 2800 Beachwood Dr

Culver City: 282 irregularly shaped risers, formed from recycled concrete, lead to a decommissioned hilltop reservoir at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook.  The record sprint up is two minutes, nine seconds. 6300 Hetzler Rd

Santa Monica: Twin staircases - one wooden (170 steps), one concrete (199 steps) - have turned Santa Monica Canyon into the best people watching and celebrity spotting workout in town. 4th St and Adelaide Dr

Castellammare: 518-step chain of staircases rising from the Pacific Coast Highway crisscrosses up and down a bluff in the Pacific Palisades, offering ocean views at every turn. This beautiful hike ends on the beach. Breve Way and Castellammare Dr

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