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Fashion Forward Fun

In Los Angeles, where trendy fashion shops are as pervasive as your everyday Starbucks drive-thru, it can be hard to differentiate between the truly unique ones and the normal, less noteworthy ones that you could find anywhere. Find all of the best shops to drop money at, whether it be a cocktail dress for a party, or an all-organic, nostalgically scented candle.

Creatures of Comfort

Perhaps the most well-known on this list would be Creatures of Comfort, which became so popular that owner Jade Lai created another store in New York. However, the original location still takes the cake for that unabashedly cool, bohemian spirit that LA calls its own. With sophisticated brands from near and far, like the chic Isabel Marant and Claire Vivier, this store carries the patterned blouses and slouchy handbags that every "cool girl" needs in her wardrobe.

Mohawk General Store

This general store, curated by husband and wife Kevin and Bo Carney, hosts brands and items from all around the world. The clothes are beautiful and expertly crafted (try their in-house, al cotton clothing line Smock), but what really catches the eye are the accessories: Mariage Frere Vert Marco Polo tea, Katherine Whitaker sunglasses, and necklaces are only a few. Browse their book section: design, art, and architecture books are par for the course. 

American Rag Denim Bar

American Rag is one of the most LA shops there is: funky patterned Hawaiian shirt? Distressed Levi shorts? A Comme des Garçons shirt? You name it, they have it. In addition to a wide variety of clothes, they also have substantial home and food options. Take no more than a few steps for a bite at Cafe Midi, known for their delicious salads.

General Quarters

Hoorah, Blair Lucio has finally succeeded in creating a store that guys want to spend time in! It has a retro, vintage military vibe that men and women alike flock to for its unique design and style. Find brands like Levi's, Malin+Goetz, and Indigofera at General Quarters, manufactured for the true hipster.


The store graciously dubbed "one of the best-known institutions for vintage decor" certainly lives up to its high reputation. However, in addition to unique clothes, they have a completely eclectic collection of shoes from brands like Miu Miu and Louboutin. Even if you can't afford anything, it's worth a trip to see all of the most trendy couture. 

Opening Ceremony

Visit Opening Ceremony for an uber futuristic take on fashion: filled with platforms and the dresses found on every red carpet, you'll be sure to enjoy shopping with such wide range of options (their many collaborations with other brands like Disney are especially notable).

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